A Liberal Lexicon


If you have occasion to be exposed to the mainstream media, such as the New York Times or CNN, it is important for you to recognize that some of the words used have specialized meanings known only to liberals. In an effort to make this jargon interpretable to the rest of us, the following lexicon is offered.

CAUTION: The following contains nuances of logic that may be offensive to some ideologues. Reader discretion is advised.

America: An evil empire that insists on trying to provide freedom for its own citizens as well as for citizens of other countries.

American people: 1. An entity similar to mushrooms, that must be kept in the dark and fed manure. 2. A group of cretins who are so stupid that the government has to make their decisions for them.

Broken system: An opportunity for the government to expand its power by «fixing» something that already works.

Capitalism: An evil system that has made Americans the richest people in the history of mankind.

Christian: Someone who believes in the principles upon which this nation was founded, yet needs to be afforded less rights than Muslims who are trying to destroy this nation.

FCC: A group of five commissars in Washington who believe that they are better able to decide what’s best for people to listen to and watch than 300 million Americans exercising free market choices.

Misinformation: 1. Facts that don’t conform to our preconceptions. 2. Anything on Fox News

Racial profiling: Common sense law enforcement.

Radical: Someone who believes that we are a nation of laws and that the Constitution of the United States is the Law of the Land.

Reform: A euphemism for regulation.

Regulation: Government interference in the private sector.

Social justice: Redistribution of wealth.


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