American Idol — Stairway to Newer Gods


As the name might suggests, American Idol is the nationwide search for one singer who can be crowned the undisputed music sensation. It can be said that this is one of the most perfect talent reality shows ever to appear on the tube. First started in the year 2002, American Idol has come a long way ever since its initial years. This was initially broadcasted by the FOX Network.

Presently the competition has reached its 8th edition. The format almost remains unchanged. This is one reality show that tests the mettle of the contestants and consistently puts them through grinding rounds of auditions in front of the judging crew who do their best to shape and sometimes break their morale. This show is created by Simon Fuller a UK based entertainment executive.

After two rounds with the executive producers of the show, the chosen ones finally get to meet the judges face to face and do their best in front of them. This is a show that has won applauses from all over the world and primarily is seen by millions of people. The show has a few rounds of eliminations and the audiences get to vote their favorite contestants after an initial round of auditions. The person with the least number of votes is eliminated. The American Idol format has become so popular that many other countries have started hosting similar shows.

There are a few rules that are applicable in the American Idol contests and any singer bound by a contract is not allowed to take part in this competition. He/she also needs to be American citizen or need to be permanent residents of America. Since Season 4, the upper age limit of the contestants was raised to 28 years from 24 years. The contestants who are chosen for the Hollywood round face eliminations by a different member of the judging panel consisting of Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.

This trio has been joined by Kara DioGuardi from Season 8 of American Idol. After the Hollywood round comes the Semi Finals and then the chosen participants all face each other at the Final round. In the Finals various themes revolving around various successful artists are prepared for the contestants. This includes the likes of Elton John, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Stevie Wonder, Neil Diamond, Queen and Jon Bon Jovi to name a few.

In the finals, as per each performance, an episode of the results reveals the breakdown of public voting and the most popular contestants names remain a mystery. The bottom three contestants are all named or it can be said that the least popular contestants are summoned to the center of the stage and the bottom two from the three are soon revealed and finally the contestant having the lowest number of votes is bade adieu.

He or she says goodbye after giving one last performance. The finale sees only one contestant who remains as the proverbial «last contestant standing» and he or she is declared the winner. In the year 2008, the venue of the finals was changed from the Kodak Theatre to the Nokia Theatre that holds an audience of over 7,000. The winner is announced at the following results show. The winner or rather the survivor receives a total of $1,000,000 record deal with a very popular mainstream label and each year American Idol winners have recorded their maiden labels within the first few months of winning.

The winner is then managed by the American Idol-related 19 Management. In a few cases there are some finalists who have got the opportunity to get signed by the show’s management company and have received a few record deals with a partner of the major label. This is American Idol where anxiety, pain, tears, public opinion, outburst, ridicule, and fate shape a winner.


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