An Online Car History Checker Can Reveal Any Skeletons In The Closet


When buying a used car you only have the word of the seller when it comes to the background history. Well, this is not entirely true if you take advantage of an online vehicle history checker. This check can reveal any hidden skeletons in the closet of the car.

Thousands of vehicles are stolen each year and some of these do turn up for sale as used cars. If you were to buy a second hand car that had been stolen then you would lose the money you paid for it as the vehicle would be returned to its owner. The same goes when it comes to cars that have a loan attached to them. Sellers will put up a car for sale while still owing money on it and this means that you would either have to pay off the outstanding finance for the vehicle or the return the car to the lender.

An online vehicle history checker can reveal to the potential buyer whether the car has been in an accident. If the accident has caused the vehicle to suffer extensive damage then the insurance company will write it off. However the car could then go on to be repaired and of course the buyer never knows unless they take a data check. In some cases this could be dangerous and of course makes the small fee charged for the check well worth it. If the vehicle has been written off then the check will make you aware of the reason and the extent of the damage. It will also tell you if the car was a total loss.

Sometimes for reasons which are quite ethical the number plate can be changed. The online vehicle history checker will tell you how many times the number plate has changed and for what reason. Sometimes the number plate change can be to hide something in the cars past such as if it was written-off.

You can also check the mileage on the car. The data check will reveal if the mileage on the actual clock is what is listed in the car data check or if it has been tampered with. When selling a used vehicle altering the mileage on the clock is one popular way of boosting the chances of selling the car.

The vehicle’s identification number (VIN) is needed when using an online car data checker. The seller should never stop you from looking for this number and it can generally be found behind the windscreen, on the chassis and bodywork of the car. Along with these numbers matching they should also match the number on the paperwork that comes with the car. When checking these over be sure to look for any changes that might mean the numbers have been tampered with.

Finally another advantage of using an online vehicle history checker is finding out the true value of the car in question. The data check will give you an estimate as to how much the vehicle is worth which will tell you whether the bargain you thought you were getting is an actual bargain.


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