Can You Make a Guy Fall in Love? Yes, You Can — 2 Secrets


You really want to make a guy fall in love with you, right? I can tell, because you are reading this article. You have met that special someone and now you need some good dating advice. He makes your heart sing and you just know that this is Mr. Right. But his heart is not singing over you. Now what? Can you make a guy fall in love? Yes.

First off, please realize you have something going for you already. What is that? Male psychology. Male psychology causes men to also want to fall in love. So, the good news, he is probably ready to fall in love, he just needs to focus attention on you and realize that you are the right one for him. But how can you make him realize that you are the right person, and make him commit to you? There are 3 secrets you need to know.

1. You need to become his friend. Think about this. When you plan a vacation or a night out, who do you want to go with you? You call one of your friends, right? And how do you know that the person you call is your friend? You feel comfortable with that person. You enjoy talking to that person. That person cares about you.

The same is true of a man / woman relationship. We first have to become friends. So become the kind of person that feels comfortable with and enjoys talking to. Show that you care about him.

2. You need to play hard to get. A little. Do not call him frequently just to talk unless you are absolutely sure he wants you to do so. Stalkers do that, not friends.

Do not show that you care for him a lot. Not at first. Not if you want to make a guy fall in love. If you immediately start sending him gifts, giving him compliments, making yourself available, doing his laundry, lending him money and so on, he will only be attracted to you because he wants to use you. If you want a truly satisfying relationship with a man, do not try to attract men by throwing yourself at them. Men will use you, but not fall in love with you.

Notice that this is advice is to find a balance. You want to be his friend. You do that by calling him. But not too often. Show you care for him. But not too much. Learn how to engage in a good conversation. Think about what qualities your friends have that attract you to them. Then be that kind of person for your man. You can make a guy fall in love. Yes, you can.


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