Former Small Business Person Complains About Regulations of the Past — Says It’s A Trade Off Today


The other day, I was talking to an acquaintance about the overregulation in our local area having to do with small businesses. Indeed my acquaintance is a former small business owner himself, but today he is turned into a left-leaning Democrat and he tells me; «it’s a trade-off, we need those regulations to protect people, the environment, and prevent dishonest practitioners.» I found it odd that someone who had actually been a small time business owner would talk like that.

Apparently he’s been talking to far too many neo-socialist liberals in our area for far too long. Perhaps he’s been retired too long, and needs to get his butt back to work so he can remember what it was like? Am I being too harsh you ask? No, actually I’m not. In fact in his case he had a business in the automotive sector where he painted cars. Custom paint jobs for the movie industry and those making television commercials.

Most of the vehicles he worked on were brand-new cars, and the paint jobs had to be flawless for the camera. The regulations got so stringent he couldn’t afford to do his business in California anymore, so he took a loss on the business and sold it and became an employee for General Motors in their marketing division out in California.

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it odd that due to the local regulations, state regulations, and federal regulations he had to close his business, even after all his investments in equipment, building improvements and the like — yet, he now is for more regulations or at least keeping those we currently have on the books. The reality is we have far too much regulation in this nation and it comes from all levels of government; it comes from the municipal level, the county, the state, the federal government, and who knows what other quasi-government agencies, special assessment districts, or new legal case law adding complications to all the regulations.

Many people believe that we need all these regulations, but we don’t. Sure, we need a set of rules and regulations for standardization, and to keep everyone on the same page and honest. But we don’t need duplication, expensive fees, incredible fines, and the threat of jail time for small business owners who perhaps didn’t even know the rules, and believe me they seem to change quite frequently. It’s as if the politically correct socialist agenda is attacking free-market enterprise even though the entrepreneurs are the ones that provide all the jobs. Meanwhile, the same group of Democrats complain that there are not enough jobs, and a small time business people aren’t hiring enough?

Well, if we run around and try to put them all out of business with inane paperwork and rules, they are not going to hire anyone. You should be happy with the people they do hire, and treat them with a little more respect, and reducing those regulations could go a long way to mending the fence and the gap between reality and all those regulations on the books. Please consider all this and think on it.


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