Government Car Auctions Offer a Land of Value


When searching for a used or new car most people head to dealership after dealership haggling with a car salesman, and sometimes even being pressured into buying. They may walk away thinking they got a great deal, but the real truth is there are much, much better deals out there; specifically at government car auctions. Cheap used cars abound at these auctions. Most auctions have all types of makes and models coupled with deep, deep discounts.

You can find anything from minivans to luxury sedans. Some may have small damage or the paint may be a bit scratched, but the cost of repairing such small eyesores pales in comparison to the difference in price of the vehicle. Just think with the money that you would save compared to buying from a dealership will allow you to fix those insignificant dents and dings, and maybe even add a couple extras like a nice set of rims or a new stereo system! Many people worry about where these cars have been, or if they were used in a crime. It could be anything from back taxes to drugs, and that is something that is usually not disclosed to the consumer without a little arm twisting. So get there early and see if you can do a little research before bidding.

There are all types of reasons why the government has seized a person’s car, but regardless of why, the government wants to liquidate them as fast as possible. This equals amazing deals for the educated consumer. You may find a few cars with minor damage, but overall I think you will be amazed at the auction car’s pristine condition. Many bidders have walked away with cars for less than ten percent of their «book» value! Whether you are in the business of buying and reselling cars from car auctions or you are just looking for a new family car the times of dealership shopping are in the past. Dealership prices and quality don’t stand a chance against a well run government auction.


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