Resveratrol Side Effects & RezV Testimonial Feedback — The Bad & the Good RezV Reviews


Since Resveratrol’s rise to stardom as one of the most popular longevity products both on the shelves and over the internet, feedback is starting to emerge as just how effective and potent this longevity anti-oxidant really is along with its potential side effects, or treatment effects as the industry like to put it:

Resveratrol Side Effects:

  • The first side-effect noticed by those taking RezV is a fuzzy light headed feeling similar to a caffeine rush.
  • Second, individuals experienced varied grades of insomnia which lasted over unpredictable periods of time.
  • Third, individuals experienced a slight rise in blood pressure but nothing too discomforting.

While these are brief reports they are still anecdotal so whilst others may experience such symptoms  — this is not applicable to all.

Regarding some of the positive RezV reviews which have been received since it was first broadcast on 60 Minutes and then reviewed by a number of News Channels and Talk Shows including the Dr Oz review on Oprah, these are also anecdotal but again represent a strong percentage of individuals feedback who are currently taking RezV.

Resveratrol Testimonials:

1) Decreased level in both LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol.

2) Improved ability to mentally focus.

3) Decreased sensitivity in bowels caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) from illnesses or the use of weight loss pills.

4) Endurance athletes (cyclists, runners, & swimmers) experienced its ability to increase their distances and decrease times.

5) Healthier skin and wrinkle reduction throughout the body which medical experts label the «Resveratrol Glow» — due to it’s high concentration of anti-oxidants.


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