Selling Car Wash Equipment to Box Store and Large Corporations


Well we have seen some changes in the car wash industry lately and equipment manufacturers are looking into ways to capitalize on this, of course the sales to seize the new opportunity indeed requires something they are not readily use too. How do you sell Car Wash Equipment to Box Store and Large Corporations?

Why would they buy car wash equipment anyway? Well you see Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club and Home Depot are all trying test markets and using some of that extra space in their parking lots to put in car washes and they will need car wash equipment to do this right? Indeed.

They will also need service contracts to keep track of all the equipment and keep it running. So how does a car washing equipment manufacturing company go about selling car wash equipment to a name brand box store giant retailer? Well there is a process of getting to become a certified vendor and then getting on a bidders list. The company will determine their specifications and ask for an exact bid. They will look at all the bids and take presumably the lowest bidder, but there are other important considerations that must be determined to make these sales.

The company that gets their team into an early dialogue with such companies stands to gain the most through educating the buyer. In fact they may find that their products specifications are adopted into the solicitation criteria and therefore giving them the advantage in the bidding war, while the competitors need to consider re-designing their systems to match the companies new preferences and therefore walks away with the order for 1000s of units in one sale. Consider all this in 2006.


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