The Best Cars For Your Teenager


Teenagers these days should be looking for a safe and reliable car. Fuel consumption and maintenance costs are important aspects too.

What you should do is search for the safest car you can afford.

You will be tempted to consider that SUV’s are the best solution, they are safe and in case of a crash you are situated higher than in a normal car. It’s true you are higher but the center of mass is also higher making your car more likely to roll over.

You might have a hard time trying to convince them what is good and what not, so you should do your own research without letting them know.

The research is the most important step in the process of buying a car.

You should be looking for used cars, but don’t forget to take a good mechanic with you when you are buying it.

One of the best rated models that you can find there are the Volkswagen Jetta and the Ford Focus.

The Honda Civic is also in the top closely followed by the Toyota Corolla and the Mazda Miata.

First let’s talk about the Jetta, it is the safest one, scoring 5/5 stars in frontal impact and 4/5 stars in side impact. The engines on this particular model are nice and economical.

The Focus, probably the most liked model from this selection of five cars, it is good on gas and it scores 4/5 stars for passenger impact and 2/4 stars in pedestrian impact.

If you have a boy it is more likely he will like the Honda Civic. It comes with a very nice engine; the only one I don’t recommend for teenagers is the B16A2 with 160 hp which is a bit too powerful. With its average safety features it might be the one for you.

You are probably wondering what the Mazda Miata MX-5 is doing here. You just have to look at it and discover that it’s the most stylish one in the selection. Even if it looks sporty you shouldn’t be scared for your teenagers because it is not so fast. It isn’t going to be as safe as the VW Jetta but the decision is totally yours.

Last but not least is the Corolla which had only 1.8 L engines fitted onto it. This car is for life, it won’t let you down, it has a nice and stylish body, above average safety, but it’s a Japanese model and because of that the maintenance cost are going to be a little higher.


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