The Car Industry Takes Charge


In an order to promote the electric car, many of the world’s top car manufactures have agreed on a standard plug that will be used for charging the batteries of electric vehicles. Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen, BMW, Fiat, Toyota, and Mitsubishi are just some of the companies who have already signed on, and it is expected to become the industry standard. The final design of the plug was released today in Hanover, Germany, and uses a 400 volt supply.  The plug will give all electric cars the ability to be recharged in a matter of minutes at stations all over the world.  

This is good news for anyone thinking about buying an electric car. Not only will it be more cost effective for the car companies to outfit gas stations with electric power supplies, but you know you will be able to travel with your car into other countries as well. The idea is that charging your car will be no more time consuming or tedious than with a gas powered car, which is a concept that many EV (electric vehicle) owners will like. 

The image of the electric car has not always been positive, however many people in the auto industry are excited about facing a new design challenge that is more eco-friendly. Cars produce much of the world’s carbon emissions, so for many, this is a step that is long overdue. With the spike in last years gas prices, many people were already seeking alternate forms of transportation, and the EV took the spotlight again. It seems this time, it may be permanent.

One would guess that if companies of this size have made this commitment, that affordable, reliable EV’s may be in your driveway sooner than imagined!


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