The Hope for a Two Nation Theory Versus the Dream of a Single Palestine Nation Without Israel


The Palestine statehood bid portrays the picture of an ill treated Palestine seeking justice to the world. Here are the facts to note. Palestine has consistently refused to build its state in the past; they refused the offer in 1937 from the British government, which then ruled Palestine, to divide the land into Jewish and Arab states. Arab leaders refused again in 1947, choosing to go to war rather than accepting the UN’s decision to partition Palestine between Jewish and Arab populations. In 1967, Israel offered to relinquish the land it had acquired in exchange for peace with its neighbors. The Arab world issued a response at a summit in Khartoum, «No peace with Israel, no negotiations with Israel, no recognition of Israel.» In 2000, under the mideast quartet proposal, Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered the Palestinians a sovereign state with shared control of Jerusalem and billions of dollars in compensation for Palestinian refugees. Yasser Arafat refused the offer, and returned to launch the deadly terror war known as the Second Intifada.

After all the persistent refusals, Abbas beseech in pain to the world to end the so-called historical injustice with a demand for full membership of the state of Palestine in the UN and declared the legitimate right of Palestine to attain its liberty and independence.

Consider the following points: statehood and settlement is not the issue for Palestine leadership. Had it been so, Palestine leadership would have accepted the statehood offer and built a state. If Abbas really wanted a state of Palestine to live in peace alongside Israel, he could have given his commitment at New York to end the conflict and extended an assurance to take action to stop hatred and murders of Jewish people. This would have ensured the first step to building peace and tying the knot for a bilateral agreement instead of running to the UN.

Rejection of statehood offer clearly indicates that Palestine is not looking for peace. The existence of Israel is the problem which is believed to be resolved by way of internationalizing the conflict with Israel. The goal of Palestine is a single nation to be achieved through elimination of Israel from the map of Middle East. Palestine leadership found the viable route through a UN bid and in attaining UN membership to use the platform and network for challenging Israel present holdings and minimizing its territories; while at the same time planning for an integrated action to annihilate Israel through the Arab network. Iran’s nuclear program is part of the Israel annihilation plan. The poster/website and Facebook campaigns are deployed to garner global sympathy under the lies.

The horrendous remarks conferred upon Jews are enough to cause World War III. Israel is called shamelessly an imperialist and colonialist in its homeland conflict. Israel and Palestine do not have a relationship of a ruler and ruled or oppressor and oppressed to disdainfully describe Israel as a fascist. The Jews across the globe represent various racial ethnicity in different shades that cannot justify the racist and apartheid abuses hurled at Israel. The mind boggling allegation as children murderer in poster campaigns on internet and face book with no evidence spits on their faces. They are ridiculed as people with mythical origin ‘Chosen by God’. Chinese are the centre of the universe, Muslims receive heavenly reward by demolition of non Muslims on earth, Hindu caste system ordained an eternal status to a man through all generations and white men racial superiority lynched the world. These absurdities of mankind are not jeered at while it deeply hurt the world on Jewish notion of being ‘Chosen by God’ and for being deeply attached to their ancient homeland.

Jews are treated as criminals and sinners in their self defence and accused as trespassers in their settlement in own homeland against Arab settlers who came as vagabonds from Egypt and Jordon in that empty land after Jews diaspora in the aftermath of Roman invasion. The Arabs did not create any state in that ancient Jewish homeland within this space of time. The return to their homeland under a special humanitarian package of global sympathy is questioned by the perverts after 65 years of its statehood and some obnoxious academicians even dared to question the origin of a 5000 year old culture to ridicule its history as mere myths discrediting the value of ancient scripts as literary sources for construction of history and snobbishly disregarding the archeological monuments and remains of their ancestry. Life is about accommodating needs as also empathizing suffering and it is called inclusive approach in modern day public affairs management. The scores of unkind Arab nations on rich oil lands do not believe in such principled approach of being inclusive and humane to make life worthwhile and instead they waste themselves to network for a plan to oust Israel forever.

In this notorious mission of elimination game, the pseudo intellectuals and perverts of the world helped further to build vague theories to question Israel history, culture and heritage in order to oppose Zionism, which their dimmed eyes see as a cause of the problem when this is an effect of the problem of Israel insecurity, which will disappear when the cause of the problem is removed. By hitting the symptoms, they fuel more radical actions that fueled more hatred towards Jews and it is not helping to solve the problem. The propaganda against Israel as a terrorist state in their self defence is a mean description that does not justify practical situation in life. If one’s own existence is under threat, would anybody sit quietly? No. Agreed that Israel retaliated to these challenges vehemently that prompted the so called humanitarians and sympathizers to questioned on Palestinians’ civil liberties and rights without recognizing the same occurrences in all terror situations. The dilemma of countering terrorism and becoming a terror to the innocents is not exclusive to one single case; it has become a global problem. Palestine infringement on Israel civil liberties and rights are justified, but the reverse is unjustified.

The popular poster released on websites and Facebook depicting a young kid holding the banner »Stop Killing Palestinian Children» in a poster campaign blatantly alleged Israel as murderer of children without evidence. It is not to justify killing but to see killing in the perspective of conflict situations all over the world, global cases need to be referred to in order to validate the act of self defence to a threat. Israel — Palestine situation is not like the massacre of innocent civilians of middle-east dictatorship. Anti Jews campaigns blamed the Zionist for a radical turn of events without understanding the chain between radical action leading to another radical action and overlooking the role of PLA that started terrorism after repeated refusal of the offer of Palestine statehood.

In this half a century conflict. where Jewish and Palestine have been at war openly and declared as enemies, does anybody think that killing will not occur in such a conflict situation?. In all conflict situations, killing is the strategy and killing will take place. In order to stop the killing, reconciliation is proposed. The process has not been successful in Israel-Palestine because Palestine leadership is not interested in a two nation theory and he does not want peace. The Palestine leadership wants a single state for Palestine through elimination of Jews.

The penetrating eye should be able to see Palestine statehood bid at the UN and seeking UN membership today as a strategy for attaining the objective of a single Arabic state through a methodology of annihilation of Israel and territorial acquisition. Prejudiced campaigns alleged Israel as terrorist and a killer while endorsing the real terrorism and supporting unsparingly their global marketing advertisement spree to gain world sympathy for a help to attain its birthright; yes a liberty for an ideology to operate without inhibition to eliminate Israel from the map of the world and to eliminate the useless supporters in due course.

Do you have hope for peace? Then stand together to urge for a bilateral framework based on mutual respect, cooperation and coexistence for Israel and Palestine with special commitment from Abbas to declare recognition of Israel statehood alongside Palestine statehood.


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