The Most Attractive Small Islands in Europe (2)


Sicily, Capri Island, Santorini and Ibiza have become well-known tourist sites in the whole world. If you want to choose a different place that is quiet and peaceful to go on a vocation, then those numerous ordinary small islands are your best choice.

Porquerolles, France

When you step onto the land of this small island, you will feel like staying on the Caribbean beach. The different thing is that the neighbour is Provence. If you want to find a peaceful, White and simple beach you can keep heading north after going through vineyard and orchard. You can enjoy different scenery every few steps. Here is full of fresh and primitive air. The south of the island is steep cliff where you can overview the beautiful scenery of the small islands and the whole Mediterranean sea. Beautiful beaches and various colors are the unique present Porquerolles gives to people.

Isle of Man, England

It got its name from a legend. The legend says that the pioneers of this island are all men who can not get together with their families throughout the year. Thus in order to memorize those male ancestors, people give this island the name— Isle of Man. It lies between England and Ireland and stays away from madding crowd. Those historical sites, natural beaches and steam trains together form a beautiful landscape here. People who are in fond of adventure can climb rocks or swim in the sea with sharks. If you want to enjoy the beautiful countryside view, here is an ideal place because you will not come across a person even walk for a few miles.

Svalbard, Norway

When talking about going on vacation on a sea island, the snow-covered Svalbard will not come to people’s mind at the first time, but the beautiful and crystal clear snow scape really makes people helpless to resist the temptation. Svalbard, situated not far away from north pole, will make you feel different. And here lives about 36 kinds of birds. Different kinds of seals and white whale often appear on the seaside. If you are lucky enough, you can see polar bear, white fox and even. The most common transportation vehicle here are snow mobile and ship.


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