Web 2.0 Copywriting — Stamping Out the Bull, Reigning in the Fox


The Internet is a resource that is used by thousands of new businesses each day. Whatever your line of business may be, there will be hundreds of similar companies vying for the same place at the top of Google’s search results. In order to stand out from the rest, you have to ensure that your product is marketed to suit the needs of your potential customers. Writing an advertorial for millions of people, while still hoping to sound sincere and personal, is quite a challenge!

What a Foxy Global Nation

People are becoming more and more aware of advertising scams, their foxy minds honing in on them, on any given page, at any given time. These scams might consist of petty, attention-grabbing techniques like bold, bright colours and exclamation marks. They may also appear as blatant lies, false promises, exaggerations and straight up bull.

Years of conditioning has left these visitors with a gift — the ability to quickly identify and ignore an advertisement long before it has served its purpose. So getting people to read about your product for more than a few seconds is becoming increasingly difficult. Its those enquiring minds that have evolved to see through all the glitzy ramble.

Glancing Off the Advertising Bull

The only way to generate respect as a business and build enduring customer relationships is by utilizing your time management skills. Adapting your advertising campaigns to reach an intelligent audience is your next step. Remember that the more time you spend with someone, the better you get to know them. Just like the longer a customer spends reading about your product, the more they will get to know your business and what you have to offer. The foxy reader these days is sold with honest, original and in-depth web content, not a horde of bullish nonsense.

When Foxes Meet in The Sales Arena

Another point to consider is that a paying customer will appreciate an insightful and well written product article a lot more than flashy ‘fluff.’ Your product may be brilliant and sold at a great price, but if your web copy is not intriguing enough you will lose customers to a website that has it all. Web 2.0 copywriting makes use of interactive strategies that encourages the customer to become involved intellectually, socially, and emotionally with your product and this inevitably leads to more sales. This is the fox generation, and we’re not talking about the news network.

Building Your Reputation With Online Strategy

Social networking sites, blogs and videos are all cost effective resources that must be explored if you want to bring your business into the 21st century. Enlisting on these sites also gains your business the trust of potential customers and increases the recognition of your product on a global scale. In order to stand out as a reliable business on the internet, web 2.0 copywriters will encourage you to list your products on sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, which allow customers to view pictures, videos and audio clips -increasing their desire to own the product itself.

No More Mr Nice Advertising Bull

Thankfully, web 2.0 copywriting will step in for businesses and help them to progress with the latest marketing, promotion and writing techniques. It will be writers that usher in the fox generation and say goodbye to the flashy, in your face bull that we’ve been served for ten years. This form of writing focuses on actively engaging the reader and speaking to them about a product or service in a non confrontational way.

A conversational tone is important and writers tend to be more honest and straight forward about their clients products. The trust of the reader is secured within seconds because there is no stampeding bull putting them off your product. Long lasting relationships are formed, leading to a satisfied customer and of course, a successful business. So sell to the fox, or you might find yourself selling to a dying breed of bull shooters.


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