Why Carry Pepper Spray?


In the United States violent crime has increased at a double digit rate over the past 2 years. -Every 2 minutes someone is sexually assaulted. -82% of society will be a victim of a violent crime during their lifetimes. -3 out of 4 women are victims of at least one violent crime. -Every hour, 16 women confront rapists.

Due to our law enforcement being stretched to it limits we have to take part in the crusade of good against evil. What can we do to help or limit the concerns in the areas we live?

1) Be a part of a neighborhood watch, most neighborhoods have associations that already have some type of neighborhood warning process for notification of suspicious behavior.

2) There are numerous information sites to let you know of any individual living close to you with a record. (particularly child predators -familywatchdog.us is just one)

3) Be prepared — The easy alternatives to protection are self defense devices. These can be personal alert alarms or pepper spray products. Always knowing your surroundings and not taking undue risks can greatly increase you chance of not being a victim. As stated before there are many self-defense devices on the market. Information on these products is everywhere. The easiest way to look for these products is on the internet.

After seeing what is available, you then can make the decision, what is best for you. It could simply be a personal alert alarm which makes a very shrill noise that can bring people to your aid or a pepper spray device. There are all shapes, sizes and strengths on the market. The best thing to do is stay with a name brand. Two of the better pepper spray companies on the market are, Fox Labs and Mace Security. They are both reputable companies and for what pepper spray cost there is no reason to cut corners on something that may save you or a member of your family’s life.

In summary, do not take chances with you and your loved ones safety. There are plenty of people that will exploit any opportunity they may have.


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